Highbrook Avenue (in front of school):  

-       Drop off on Highbrook Ave from Boulevard to the safety cones is allowed only if the driver stays in the car, drops off children quickly at the curb, and departs immediately after dropping off.  There is no parking, stopping or standing on Highbrook from Boulevard to the cones.  Standing is permitted on Highbrook past the cones on the RIGHT side. Parking is permitted on Boulevard or on Highbrook one block north of the school.  

-       No drop off or pick up is permitted in front of the cones.



Pelhamdale Avenue (in back of school):

-       Drop off only (no parking or standing) is permitted on the playground side (northbound lane) of Pelhamdale Ave. in the morning.  Pick up is not permitted on the playground side (northbound lane) of Pelhamdale in the afternoon. 

-       Parking is available on Pelhamdale Ave. one block north of the school, and on Boulevard. 

Please observe all parking signs and use the crosswalks.


Please drive slowly and responsibly at all times on the streets surrounding the school.  Pedestrians must remain on the sidewalk, cross at the corners, and MUST NOT stray into the “No parking, no standing, no stopping zone” in front of the school.  Please cross your children at the corner at all times.


Please do not stand with engines running on Highbrook or Pelhamdale. Our neighbors complain about idling engines, the fumes pollute young lungs and it is illegal in Westchester County to sit in a car with the engine idling for more than three minutes.  PLEASE LET YOUR CAREGIVERS KNOW THAT IDLING IS NOT PERMITTED ON PELHAMDALE AND HIGHBROOK.


Dogs are not permitted on school property at any time.