Homework Policy 

Homework is an important extension of classroom instruction.  The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce learning and to develop self-discipline, personal responsibility and independent thinking.  Homework should help students reinforce and improve skills that have been taught and may also be used to prepare for future lessons.  Homework should enrich instruction by having students use a variety of outside resources and apply knowledge beyond the classroom.  Teachers will use homework to help in determining student grades. Every student, regardless of ability or grade level, is required to do challenging homework assignments.  Class time is planned to provide assignments and ensure student understanding of what is expected.  The assignments are an extension of class time to be done beyond the regular instructional day. 



Parents can offer assistance with homework in the following ways:

  • Check homework daily for completeness, accuracy and neatness
  • Confer with the teacher if your child is unclear about assignments
  • Listen to your child and answer questions, praise efforts and hard work.


Illegal Absence/Homework Guidelines


When a student is absent from school with the knowledge of his parent for other than a legal reason, it is considered a case of “unlawful detention.”  Removing a student from school for such things as vacation, occasional employment or other non-emergency activities is not an excusable reason for absence. If a parent chooses to absent his/her child from school for such reason, the following procedures must be adhered to:


  • Parents are obligated to notify the principal, in writing, in advance of any anticipated absence.
  • Any missed work must be made up by the pupil, with the assistance of his/her parent.  During the period of illegal absence, the pupil will be required to maintain a daily journal and read independently for a half hour each day.  No advanced assignments will be given by the classroom teacher so that appropriate assessment of mastery or the need for re-teaching can be determined by the teacher when the assignments are being completed.
  • Upon returning to school, the parent will contact the classroom teacher to determine what work has been missed.  In a cooperative manner, the parent, student and teacher will determine what work will be made up.  The parent is expected to help the student complete assignments in a reasonable period of time.