We the people of the Student Government, at Colonial School, in order to form a more perfect school environment, establish respect, ensure school-wide tranquility, promote general education and secure the fruits of knowledge for ourselves and our prosperity do ordain and establish this Constitution of the Student Government of Colonial School. 

Article 1: 

We will follow the Colonial School Motto, "Where the friends are", by being respectful and kind to every student, teacher, adult and visitor who is in our school.

Article 2: 

We will govern ourselves by a code of conduct representing the three "R's": Respectful: We will respect each others space, opinions, and property. Responsible: We will be responsible for our actions. Reasonable'. We will treat others with fairness and equality in or outside of the school.

Article 3: 

We will strive to keep Colonial School safe and neat.

Article 4:

We will come to school each day prepared to learn and to fully participate in classroom activities.

Article 5:

We will ensure every student's right to participate in indoor and outside recess activities.

Article 6:

We will strive to be good role models for students in lower grades.